General FAQs

Comcast RISE is committed to supporting the growth of all small businesses, while advancing the objectives of diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as community investment. The program is built to help businesses and their communities thrive with a focus on economic growth.

In 2024, Comcast RISE will award 500 recipients in five cities with a grant package that includes business consultation services, education resources, monetary grants, creative production, media schedules, and technology makeovers.

From May 1st through the 31st, eligible small businesses in Atlanta, GA, Houston, TX, Jacksonville, FL, Richmond, VA, and Southern Colorado areas will be able to apply at A total of 100 grants per location, or 500 grants in total, will be announced and awarded in August 2024.

As small businesses transition from pandemic recovery to a focus on expansion and growth, we want to help them accelerate growth to become thriving contributors to their local communities and economies.

No, program eligibility includes all small business owners, while maintaining a focus on diversity, inclusion and community investment.

Comcast is committed to continuing its efforts to positively impact small businesses and will focus on how small businesses uplift their local communities through diversity, inclusion, and community investment.

Please reach out to:

Eligible business owners can visit to fill out an application. The application period will open on May 1, 2024 and close on May 31, 2024. Businesses that are selected to receive a grant package will be notified in August 2024.

Please see below for a list of eligibility requirements. You do not need to be a Comcast, Effectv or Xfinity customer to be eligible.

  • Owner is at least 18 years of age or older, and is the primary decision maker for, and is actively engaged in the day-to-day operation of the business
  • No more than 100 full-time and part-time employees
  • Established business operations for at least three calendar years
  • Business has been revenue generating in the 12 months prior to the application window
  • Business is located and operating in one of following geographies (as defined by Comcast via ZIP code HERE):
    • Atlanta, GA
    • Houston, TX
    • Jacksonville, FL
    • Richmond, VA
    • Southern Colorado
  • Business is independently owned-and-operated (e.g., not a franchise location)
  • Employees and independent contractors of Comcast Corporation, Ernst & Young, Hello Alice or LinkedIn, and each of their respective parents, affiliates, and subsidiaries are not eligible to enter or win
  • Business owner has no prior felony convictions, tax-related convictions, or child support delinquency convictions
  • Business owner may not currently be serving (either in a full time or part time capacity) as a federal, state, or local government or quasi-government official or employee

501c3 organizations, chamber organizations, educational institutions, political advertisers, marijuana dispensaries, manufacturers or retailers of drug paraphernalia, virtual MVPDs, Internet Service Providers and resellers, gun manufacturers or retailers, fireworks manufacturers or retailers, tobacco/vape manufacturers or retailers, illegal products or services providers, adult entertainment companies (including, but not limited to gentlemen’s clubs, adult toy stores, adult magazines, and adult programming services), and ride sharing service providers (including independent contractors of ride sharing companies) are NOT eligible to apply. In addition, faith-based organizations and prior Comcast RISE recipients are not eligible to apply.

No, all businesses who fit the eligibility criteria outlined are encouraged to apply.

Recipients will be selected to receive a Comcast RISE grant package based on the qualitative and quantitative answers submitted. A selection committee identified by Comcast will review all eligible submissions received during the contest period and use the following judging criteria to determine the top finalists: (i) completeness of the submission (ii) originality of submission; and (iii) persuasiveness of responses to questions provided on why the applicant should be considered for the Comcast RISE program and how their business contributes to DEI objectives and advances the economic health of their local community. Examples may include, among others: hiring from within the local community, purchasing raw materials or support services from other local businesses, and commitments or donations to local DEI non-profit groups.

Yes, all applicants who are not selected will hear from us and will be eligible to apply again for future rounds. They will receive an email communication informing them that, while they didn’t receive a Comcast RISE grant package, they will receive free marketing insights and resources via our Comcast RISE newsletter.

After recipients are announced on August 13, 2024, they will be contacted via phone or email and the fulfillment process will begin. Services will be made available and fulfilled as quickly as possible, but the timing will vary based on services rendered.

Yes, current Comcast Business customers and Effectv clients are eligible for all potential program benefits.

Comcast RISE recipients will receive a grant package, including the following elements:

  • Consultation: general business assessment and consulting that provides business owners with recommendations on how to grow their businesses.
  • Creative/Media: a turnkey :30 TV commercial production for their business and a linear TV media schedule over a 180-day period from Effectv.
  • Technology Makeover: a combination of Comcast Business Internet, Voice, and cybersecurity malware protection with no monthly service charge for up to a 12-month period, and computer equipment from a selection of laptops and tablets. Tech Makeover services can only be awarded to one business location for a 12-month consecutive period.
  • Monetary Grant: a $5,000 monetary grant in the form of an ACH payment.
  • Education: 12-month access to online entrepreneurship courses, learning modules and resources for small business owners.
  • Additional Benefits: marketing and data insights via the Comcast RISE monthly email newsletter, as well as a virtual listing, including contact information on the Comcast RISE website for all eligible recipients.

No. There is no ability to substitute business services with a cash equivalent for business services.

Recipients are responsible for all applicable federal, state and local taxes, if any, as well as any other costs and expenses associated with prize acceptance and services being provided under the program. Recipients are strongly encouraged to consult with their tax advisers to determine any tax consequences in connection with award acceptance and program services.

For Tech Makeover awards, recipients will be subject to federal tax based on the value of Tech Makeover services and equipment. The approximate retail value of each Tech Makeover prize is $7,500. Winners are expected to provide the appropriate information for purposes of applicable tax forms. Comcast will issue 1099 Forms to all winners for any tax year in which Tech Makeovers services were received. In this case, winners may receive pro-rated 1099 Forms in February of 2025 and February 2026, depending on the installation timeline for their Tech Makeover services.

For Creative and Media Campaign awards, recipients will be subject to federal tax based on the value of the production of the 30-second television commercial and the one hundred-eighty (180) day linear TV media schedule. The approximate retail value of each Creative and Media Campaign prize is $17,500. Winners are expected to provide the appropriate information for purposes of applicable tax forms. Comcast will issue 1099 Forms to all winners for any tax year in which media services were received. In this case, winners may receive pro-rated 1099 Forms in February of 2025 and February 2026, depending on the linear TV media schedule start dates.

Winners are strongly encouraged to consult their tax advisor.

There are a select number of services that can be added through Comcast Business or Effectv. These added services will be charged at current rates. The customer is responsible for the timely payment of all monthly charges and taxes of any additional services not included in the Comcast RISE program. If the customer fails to make a payment for the additional services, the complimentary Comcast RISE services, as well as the additional services, will be impacted and may be suspended or disconnected.

Applications are evaluated based on the completeness of submission, demonstrated need of the business, ability to articulate a plan for business growth and how a Comcast RISE award can aid in that growth strategy. Applications will also be evaluated on the business’ ability to articulate and/or demonstrate how they work to uplift their local community by advancing DEI initiatives or otherwise investing in the community’s local economic health.

There were several factors considered to determine the 2024 Comcast RISE cities, including: demographic composition of the city, number of small businesses, projected economic growth for the area, and greatest opportunity for community impact.